I like pony's and dolphins..Sike. I like writing poetry,reading,movies,shopping,sex and just being my self.I have a dark sense of humor and hate having to talk about myself on bad dates that you wish would hurry up and end so you can get to the sex. I'm 22 years old and tend to think of my life as a tv show.And my family and friends being the supporting cast I wish I could fire.

I gave birth to this Tumblr page to talk and post any and everything that deals with what I'm going through in life.So if you dig comics,movies,love (?),guys,sex and music sneek a peek at my page.
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    jason taking no shit 

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    Gettin’ Jiggy! Can we bring back Banjo Kazooie? Pretty please?? Can we? Thank you.
    Drawn by that guy who draws a lot of fan art Ry-Spirit

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    how are you getting that much momentum on the third kick

    by being raw af

    Is that Jean Kirschtein?

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